BB Simons joined Britannia High by preforming at an audition and got into the six students. His dance partners vary from Lauren Walters to Claudine Cameron - in the episodes 1-6 BB's dance partner is Claudine, but when Danny dumps Lauren, Lauren becomes his dance partner. In episode one BB is introduced as a good dancer and a funny guy. In episode two he edges Danny on to become year rep, and in episode three is angry with his best friend, Jez, for lying to him about living in the subs. He gets on with Mr Tyler, Jez's dad, and tells him that Jez needs to be a part of what he wants to be. In episode five, the episode that focuses on BB, he show's himself to be a good street dancer who is living in a block of flats on a council estate with his brother, Julius. Julius is part of a threatening gang and he visits Britannia High and Claudine tries to make Danny jelous by chatting Julius up. When Julius tries to make BB threaten someone, he refuses and then Julius thinks BB's making a fool of himself in front of the rest of the gang. BB leaves and Julius is shot, and dies. Jez manages to convince him not to go and kill the person that shot Julius, and then they become even closer mates. In episode six, Claudine remarks that BB came back to Britannia High a little to quickly after his brother's death and BB calls her twisted and worthless. In episode seven, BB reads Lola's diary and Lauren is angry with Jez, BB, Danny and Claudine. In episode seven, BB laughs at Ronnie's dancing, but in episode nine, the Finale, BB decides to leave Britannia High and go and travel the world. Ronnie decides to come with him so he won't be lonely.