The wicked witch of Britannia High is soft at heart, but with a terrible past. She got into Britannia High by auditioning, and has a love for Danny. In episode one she is immediatly an enemy with Lauren Walters, who didn't audition for Britannia High. At the end when Lauren collapses, she fears it was her that made Lauren collapse with nerves. In episode two she shows she still has feelings for Danny by helping him when him and Lauren fall out. Later they make up, and Claudine is left watching again. In episode five Claudine and Lauren seem friends, trying together to make Lola get over herself. In episode five Lauren warns Claudine to back off from Danny, who she is eyeing up. In episode six, the episode focused on her, she tries to break up Lauren and Danny, but is hurt by them when Danny pretends to like her and tricks her into admitting she tried to break them up. At the end, she is horrible to BB and Lola, and Danny and Lauren fear they have made her horrible like she was in episode one again. Danny finds Claudine and she tells him about her mother being horrible to her. Danny kisses Claudine and Lauren watches, heartbroken. In episode seven, Claudine thinks that Lola's imaginary relationship with Stefan is cool and tries to throw a party about her and Danny being together. Lauren is sad about these events and pretends she's cool about them being together. In the start of the finale, Lauren calls Claudine to the hospital about her tests and they become friends until near the end of the episode when Danny kisses Lauren, making her angry with Lauren. At the end of the episode, Claudine demands Danny choses between her and Lauren. This continues in the final, where Danny leaves them in suspense while he chooses between them. Claudine and Lauren are angry at each other all the way to the end of the episode, and when she hears Danny choose Lauren but Lauren not except the offer. Later Danny tells Claudine he has chosen her over Lauren, but Claudine knows he chose Lauren first and also declines the offer. Claudine probably carries on at Britannia High, following her music dream.