Danny is a popular handsome boy at Britannia High. He is excellent at dancing and singing and has had relationships with two students at Britannia High - Lauren Walters and Claudine Cameron. In episode one Danny decides to go out with Lauren, a new kid at Britannia High who didn't audition. In episode two, the episode that focuses on him, Danny is told he has dislexia, and when he is elected year rep, he makes a fool of himself in front of two in Girls Aloud. Danny and Lauren care for each other, and at the end Danny has to go to dislexia camp to learn how to read probably. In episode three, Claudine tries to get Danny but fails again and Danny is still going out with Lauren. In episode five, Claudine agains tries to get Danny but Lauren warns Claudine to back off. In episode six Danny and Lauren play a trick on Claudine, and she becomes horrible and hurts BB and Lola. At the end Claudine tells him about her horrible past, and he tells her to move on, eventually dumping Lauren and going out with Claudine. In episode seven, Danny is still with Claudine and Lauren watches sadly, but in episode eight Claudine and Lauren becomes friends and Danny thinks they are plotting to get him back. Instead, Claudine tells him about Lauren and her tests, and Danny kisses Lauren. Claudine notices Lauren and Danny acting funnily when they're together and tells Danny to admit if he loves her or Lauren. In episode seven, Danny asks Jez to help him choose between Lauren and Claudine. He tells Jez that he feels exactly the same way about both Claudine and Lauren. Later, Danny tells Lauren that he loves her, but she decilnes going out with him now. Claudine overhears, and later when Danny asks her if she would come back to him she says no. At the end, Danny is single and Claudine and Lauren are happy. It is unknown if Danny leaves Britannia High or continues into his second year.