Series 1 (2008)

Episode No. Episode Name Central Character Songs
1.01 Let's Dance! Lauren Watch This Space, Best of Me, Start of Something
The students of Britannia High have to put on a midterm performance on which they will be graded. New girl Lauren struggles to pick up the choreography, and Claudine discovers that unlike everyone else, she joined the school without even auditioning. Lauren and Danny immediately hit it off and after Danny helps Lauren with their dance, they share a kiss and become an item.
1.02 Behind the Mask Danny Miller Missing Person, Changing Man, I'm the Man
BB and Jez secretly sign Danny up for student rep. He has to interview Girls Aloud members Nicola and Kimberley in front of the whole school. It is then revealed that Danny is dyslexic.
1.03 Who Are You? Jez Wake Up, Proud, I Am Who I Am
When Jez bumps into some old friends at his birthday party, he's forced to confess a big secret! He is really rich and living in a building behind Harrods. And when his father discovers he enrolled in Britannia High, he orders him to quit or he will be no longer in the family fold. What will Jez choose?
1.04 Fame Lola Jonze Overnight Sensation, Picking Up the Pieces, Get Over Yourself
On a night out at a club, Lola is mistaken as Matt Willis' new mystery lady. A journalist becomes aware of this and tries to lure Lola into quitting Britannia High. When Lola realises there's no such thing as a free pass to stardom, she sees that she may have made the biggest mistake of her life.
1.05 Go Your Own Way BB Simmons [http:// BB Simmons ] Confessions, Fight Song, Things That We Don't Say
BB is thrown into turmoil when his brother, Julius, comes to see him at Britannia High. Julius makes fun of BB for studying performing arts. BB still wants respect from his brother, and ends up getting involved in a dangerous and life-changing situation to prove his manhood.
1.06 Miss Independent Claudine Cameron Nothing On Me, Growing Pains, Wake the Dead
Lola thinks she's seen the ghost of Britannia High, Edna. Claudine Cameron meanwhile has her eyes set on Danny, you is having second thoughts about his relationship with Lauren. Will Claudine get her way this time? Either person Danny chooses, the other will be heartbroken...
1.07 Don't Stand Too Close to Me Stefan and Lola Body to Body, Obsession, What Good is Love
Love is stirring as Lola fancies Britannia High's handsome dance teacher Stefan. They have been hanging out with each other out of school, and when Lauren, Danny, Claudine, Jez and BB find out they think Stefan and Lola are having an affair. However, as it's illegal for a teacher to go out with a student, Stefan's job could be in danger...
1.08 With A Little Help From My Friends Ronnie and Lauren Weight of the World, So High, Do It All Over Again
The End of Year Show is upon them, and when Lauren may have a tragic illness, Claudine befriends to Lauren. Meanwhile, Danny is worried that his girlfriend and ex may be plotting against him, and as Ronnie the dinner lady wants to audition and wants lessons from Jez, he can't admit to her she's rubbbish...
1.09 Finale Britannia High Cast Review features many previously heard songs, including: Proud, Start of Something and the all new song Without You
The Show is here and Danny still has the horrific choice of choosing between Claudine and Lauren. Meanwhile when Stefan arrives and offers to take Lola away with him, she has a big decision, and Jez's dad arrives offering Jez a new page in life. As the results of Lauren's tests are in, the big finale's here...


Episode 1: 3.3 million.
Episode 2: 5.7 million.