Lyrics Edit

There's parts of my past that I've left behind, Seems as far as I run always somehow they find me, Been shedding my skin but there's so many layers. I am who i am and you know what i'm saying,

Nobody's safe it's a race that I've run, The fight that I've fought and I thought I had won, Now I'm standing here with a part of me there, But I am who I am, I am who I am.

(Be who you are,  Don't be ashamed,  See we're all different people, No one to blame, Look out for your friends, Those close to your heart, 'Cause they will be there, When it all falls apart, You are who you are, You are who you are.)

Leave me alone you don't understand, On this side of the fence, there's no promised land  See that's where from, where I used to belong, Oh, the road to get here has been painfully long

But I am who I am, I am who I am I am who I am I am who I am

I am who I am, Whoever I am.

Information Edit

This is the second song to be played on episode three, Who Are You?, it is sung by Matthew James Thomas( Jez Tyler).