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Jeremy is an intelligent, quick-witted and talented singer-songwriter who finally finds a sense of belonging when he enrols at Britannia High. His introduction in Episode 1 reads: "My name’s Jez, and I’m a performer, and I’ve been hooked on it for like, 16 years now. And, I dunno, I guess I need the audience’s constant reassurance that, Hey, I’m okay." He takes the nickname 'Jez' because he wants to sound cool and to hide the details about his rich background.

Episode 1: Let's Dance!

After his personal introduction Jez quickly becomes part of the group. He participates on the Open Mic Night, using his slot to perform a tap dance routine. His friendship with BB is shown to spark very quickly, as BB is shown cheering for him during this performance. Later in the episode Lola believes that one of the other students(Garth) is Simon Cowell's Grandson, unbelievingly, he asks her to clarify to which she says she meant Godfather. Jez still doesn't really believe her and goes back to practising their dance routine. In this episode Lola is Jez's dance partner, the two are often partners in future performances.

Jez decides to become one of the school's radio hosts in this episode, though he denies wanting to when BB sees him staring at the poster advertising the position at first. He asks BB if he wants to, to which BB responds that he doesn't know and repeats the question back to him. Jez then changes his words and instead says that he also doesn't know. The next time the two boys are shown, they are in the booth recording the show together. In this episode the cultural differences between Jez and BB become clear as Jez is talking to BB about the importance of ballet. BB teases him when he says 'Know thy ballet, know thy dance' over his use of the term 'thy'. Jez comments that soon he'll be talking in iambic pentameter(Iambic pentameter is the spoken form in many Shakespearian plays). Anna listened in on their conversation, and after noticing the natural banter she takes away their scripts for the next radio show, forcing them to just talk as they do normally. After the first show was such a failure the second is much more fun and lively, they don't use scripts again during the series and rely solely on improvising from them on.

As Jez and BB are stood at the side of stage, waiting to go on to perform the dance routine with the rest of the class, they speak briefly about their families. Jez lies to BB claiming that his dad said he'd come to watch the performance but that he has always let him down and probably won't be there. Later it is revealed that Jez never told his dad that he attends Britannia High, so he couldn't possibly have known about the class performance. Jez and Lola are at the centre-front of the stage, making them the most visible of the dancers.

He is shown to dislike Claudine when he sarcastic comments, 'she has a conscience and a heart, wonders will never cease' in response to Claudine's guilt after Lauren feinted. He playfully drums on BB's back on the way to the party, just before the song Best of Me begins.

Episode 2: Behind the Mask

Jez's dislike of Caludine is shown in the shows opening. She's running for Class Representative, telling Lauren not to try to do it herself because it's a contest of popularity. Jez then asks why she's nominating herself, implying that she isn't well liked. The rest of the cast leave, leaving Jez alone with BB. He stops some girls walking past and tells them that he and BB are campaigning for Danny. The two then work to make sure that Danny becomes the Class Representative as a joke. He joins in with the class in singing the opening to Family Guy. After the class he questions Lola, as she used an expression in speech that she didn't understand. He and BB then leave the others to record the radio show. Jez doesn't understand BB's slang and refers to 'crazy teens' who 'speak another language' before showing BB that he'd thought ahead and had brought food with him so that they don't need to wast time in the canteen.

In the song Changing Man, Jez dances with BB until they realise that everyone is staring at them. He then dances with Lola.

Once Mr. Nugent announces that Danny has been nominated, and that the winner of the election will interview and have dinner with two members of Girls Aloud, Jez and BB try to ruin his chances of winning. Jez uses the school radio show to tell the rest of the students that Danny would be a terrible representative. At the show in with those nominated perform, he and BB introduce the acts. Jez takes the microphone away from Lauren and puts his hand over her mouth to stop her from singing halfway through her performance then jokes about her high notes. He laughs as Caludine flounders on stage, he comments that he hadn't seen anybody die so spectacularly since the last act of Romeo and Juliet. He dances to Danny's song, I'm The Man.

When the group are eating at a Sushi restaurant he tells Claudine to 'pack it in' because she is being a sore loser. He corrects Lola's misunderstandings twice and asks her if she even realises that she says things out loud. He tries to joke happily with Danny but realises that Danny is in a foul mood and decides to stay quiet.

The next day he is seen watching Lola writing her questions to Girls Aloud, he light-heartedly teases her because of ditzyness as she says her questions are private despite them being asked in front of an audience. He was going to be subtle in asking Lauren about her relationship trouble, and slightly scolds BB in how direct he is. He is quite merciless in how he speaks to Danny, mocking him over the blogs that Claudine wrote, and saying that he has both girls (Lauren and Claudine) doing all of his work for him, asking him what he actually does for himself. As Claudine walks by him he quotes the Shakespeare play, Macbeth, comparing her to the villainous Lady Macbeth who used her husband to become the power behind the throne. He believes she is using Danny in a similar way.

During the interview with Girls Aloud he's shocked and amused by Lola, who even though he told her they were joking, believed the Girls Aloud stars comments about their favourite colours. He says that Danny is 'making a prat of himself' on stage, not knowing that Danny has Dyslexia and can't read. He pulls Lola back to her seat when she stands up to tell Girls Aloud that she's a fan to stop her from being embarrassing.

Later he jokes with BB about the scene Danny made during the interview, joking about it as he still doesn't know at this point that Danny can't read. He managed to get all the questions Lola had written to Girls Aloud, he and BB read them out on the radio and impersonate Lola and the Girls Aloud member Kimberley Walsh.

At the student house he along with the other friends, find out that Danny is Dyslexic and support him in going on a residential course. All of the group(aside from Danny) wear t-shirts with 'I talk, you type' written on them as he leaves.

Episode 3: Who Are You?

The episode opens with Jez tap dancing in the street, he goes a little into the road and has to jump back onto the path to avoid being hit by a car. The scene changes to the Britannia High group(sans Jez) playing Ludo. Claudine is on the phone to him, asking about visiting his house. Jez says that the area he lives is too dangerous because of gangs, the camera pans to a Harrods sign. As he continues to lie about where he lives his neighbours bump into him while they're jogging, calling him 'Jeremy' as opposed to Jez. At this point it becomes clear that Jez has been lying about his life to his friends.

At school BB asks Jez if he could borrow £20 which Jez agrees to without hesitation at first, but as soon as he agreed he apologised and said that he'd spent his money on topping up his electric card. BB checks to make sure that Jez can afford the school fees, Jez assures him that he can. When throwing the basket ball around the group we learn that it is Jez's Birthday in this episode. Jez teases Lola with the ball, holding it above her so that she can't reach it and keeping it away from her.

The Ballet VS Street conversation crops up again during the radio show with Jez saying that street dance is just 'having seizures to music'. Jez declines BB's offer to stay at his house.

The day before his Birthday the group take Jez to a roller-rink to surprise him. He feigns disappointment and deadpans that his old friend died at a roller-skating party. At seeing the expressions of the others he laughs and tells them that he was joking, he loves what they planned for him. The song Wake Up begins, the song is sung by Jez and the majority of the performance is his dancing.

He and the group are sat at a table when Jez notices his neighbours skating around the room, he slouches in his seat to hide when they get nearer to the group. He refers to himself as 'seventeen, sad and single', in response Lola gives him a magazine to show him an article called 'Three Steps to Getting Your Man'. His neighbours get close the their table, and Jez ducks behind a menu to avoid being seen, then quickly excuses himself from the table. He bumps into his neighbour, Emma and she invites him to her table. She tells him to invite his friends who he pretends he doesn't know. When he gets back to his table he eats the foods quickly, before rushing to Emma's table and rushing to his food there. He sees Ronnie, taking her to his table before rushing back to Emma and having desert with her. He rushes off from that table for th elast time and shits with his group. His neighbours seem to have left and Jez relaxes as the group sing Happy Birthday to him. However during the cheers and celebration he turns to his side, seeing his neighbours stood at the table. He jumps out of his seat and claims not to know his Britannia High friends. 

His friends are confused and Emma introduces herself and the two with her. She refers to Jez as Jeremy and reveals to the group that Jez lives in Knightsbridge, an affluent and high-class place in London. Jez watches in silence as Emma and his school friends converse. 

The scene changes, the whole group are in the student house. Jez tries to downplay the situation, saying that it isn't a big deal. He admits that he lied because he wanted to fit in with the group and make friends. He is finally honest with them about his upbringing, telling them that his father is Sir Jack Tyler, a multi-millionaire. Claudine asks if his dad would finance a musical which Jez points out is why he tried to hide his background, because once people know that he comes from a rich family that is all they see of him. Jez beings to leave, saying he's going back to his dad's house. BB asks if it's to count his money, Jez stops and walks back inot the room. He asks BB if there's something he wants to say to him, BB calls him for lying and says that he can't be friends with someone who lies. Jez just says, 'whatever' and leaves.

Jez is playing pool with his dad when the doorbell rings. He runs to answer it and is met with his friends who had travelled to see him. At first he closes the door on them, but they make too much noise outside of his house so he opens the door again and invites them in. Lola dances inside the house and Jez stops her, saying that she can't dance at his house. He herds them into a lounge. Yet again Jez is forced to admit that he hasn't been honest with them. He admits to them that his dad doesn't know that he's attending Britannia high and instead thinks that he's taking an economics course. Danny points out that his dad might notice him wearing tap-shoes at their graduation, but Jez ignores him and continues to explain the pressure his dad has been putting him under to become a businessman. He mentions that his mother would reduce it, but now that she isn't around his dad is much more intense in planning for Jez's future, at this point it is implied that his mum has died

His dad enters the lounge and meets Jez's friends. He introduces them as school friends, leaving out the detail of what school they're from. His dad invites the group to stay for lunch which they accept, and leaves the room happily. Jez becomes upset with them as they joke about what a monster his dad is, he says that he didn't want to lie to them but that it was the easiest thing for him; reiterating that he did it so that he could fit in and have friends. He asks them to pretend to be business students during lunch. The others laugh and Jez stops them by telling them that if his dad finds out about his going to Britannia High he'd have to leave. The group fall silent.

They are called for lunch and the rest of the group leave the lounge, leaving BB and Jez alone together. BB criticises him for not standing up to his dad, Jez says that BB wouldn't be able to understand. He says that he can't fight for what he wants because he isn't BB. Jez looks at BB sadly and the latter leaves to join the others. The song I Am Who I Am plays here as Jez stares at himself in a mirror. Lauren and BB say that he needs to tell his dad, but Jez says that he has no choice. BB picks up an ornament and throws it between his hands, Jez asks him to put it down but BB continues to throw it and says that he could just afford a new one. Finally Jez has had enough and exasperated he tells BB sarcastically that because he's rich it means that he doesn't count as a person, and that he doesn't have any problems that can't be fixed with money. He takes the ornament out of BB's hands, saying that it belonged to his mother, before putting it back where it was. BB claims that he's just lying again and the two appear close to having a physical fight. Danny interupts them before anything happens, and BB pushes Jez as he walks past him.

At dinner Jez watches as his dad asks his friends questions about business, afraid that they'd make a mistake and the truth would be revealed. Jez looks afraid when Lola is asked a question, fearing that she won't be able to lie well enough but she manages to convince his dad that she's a business student. He knew that BB wouldn't lie for him and panics when his dad asks him a question, so he interupts before BB can answer, asking his dad to stop interrogating his friends. He tries to laugh and be light-hearted but he sounds and looks nervous. His dad then leaves the table, and Jez looks relieved. BB stops his dad and Jez freezes. However BB simply thanks his dad for the meal. BB sighs in relief when his dad once again leaves.

After the lunch Jez is much more relieved, but stops Claudine from singing in his house. He thanks them all and says tha they won 'many friend points'. He notices Lola looking behind a painting on the wall and cheerfully informs her that there isn't a wall-safe in the house. His mood changes quickly when he realises that BB isn't with the rest of the group, and he goes to find him.

Jez finds BB with his dad, but only heard the end of the conversation and assumed that BB had told his father the truth about where he goes to school. Completley panicked he doesn't rambles to his father and says that he goes to school like everyone else and offers to show his coursework. BB attempts to stop Jez but Jez carries on, afraid that he's going to have to give up his school. His dad snaps at him and he goes silent. BB tells him that he hadn't said anything to his dad, and leaves Jez and his father alone. Jez's father asks what's going on to which Jez says that nothing is happening. He dad presses further and demands to know who his friends are. Jez dejectedly admiths that he hasn't been studying economics, and that instead he's been studying performing arts at Britannia High. His father says that he'll pull Jez out of the school and enrol him on a new course.

The scene changes to Jez, Lauren and Danny walking through the corridors of Britannia High. The latter two try to cheer him up, joking that he won't be able to stay away and saying that nothing will change, however all three are visbly upset and Jez says that things are going to change. 

The scene changes again to Jez in the recording booth, collecting his things. BB approaches him, but doesn't say anything. Jez tells him that if he's come to apologise he can forget it. BB says that he diesn't have anything to apologise for, and Jez blames him for his having to leave the school. BB points out that it wasn't his foult that Jez lied to his dad, Jez is just blaming him because he can't cope with it. Jez says that he's trying and is doing the best he can, then leaves the booth. He looks back at BB htrough the glass and hesitates for a moment before fully leaving the room.

Jez's dad is in Britannia High, and Jez tries to explain to him that he has to perform. He says that he's always been performing but his dad didn't notice it and only heard what he wanted to hear. He tells his dad that he isn't a businessman and asks his dad if he remembers the first time that Jez performed. He goes to say that he remembers it, and tells his dad that it was a local am-dram show of Oliver. He says that it was the most scary and most rewarding thing he'd ever done, and he felt that he'd done something special. Afterwards going back to school was different because he knew what he wanted to do with his life, that he wasn't a businessman but a performer. He says he need to go his own way but his dad doesn't listen, and asks where he can find Mr Nugent to withdraw him from school.

Jez stands in a corridor when the bell rings, and everyone around him goes to their classes leaving him alone in the empty corridor. Mr Nugent describes Jez to his father, telling him that Jez is passionate and driven and talented in an attempt to keep Jez in the school. He notices Jez walking down the corridor toward the room and closes the door on him so he can't hear them discussing him.

BB finds Jez's father and tells him to watch Jez rehearsing, then finds Jez as he's collecting the last of his things. Claudine, Lauren, Lola and Danny are all watching Jez in silence. At first Jez refuses to play for his dad, saying that it doesn't matter and him playing won't change his father's mind. But with encouragement from Lauren he decides to do it. Jez walks out onto the stage where he's being watched by his friends and his father. Jez is nervous and stumble over his words when introducing the song, he falsely starts twice before finally playing correctly. 

The song he plays is Proud. During the song Mr Nugent sits behind Jez's dad and watches sadly as Jez is almost in tears on the stage. Jez's father is also emotional at the performance. Once the song is over all of Jez's friends clap for him as he and his father look at each other. Mr Nugent comments that Jez is a natural.

The scene cuts to Jez entering the canteen after collecting himself, where his dad is sat at one of the tables. Jez's dad compliments his performance and seems enthusiastic, Jez becomes hopeful that he'll be allowed to stay in Britannia High. His dad recognises Jez's talent and even says that Jez 'has what it takes'. His father says he has been thinking and Jez smiles, believing that his dad is going to let him stay. However his dad says that he gives permission for Jez to perform only after he's finished studying economics at a 'proper' college. Jez tells his dad that he belongs at Britannia High and argues against his dad. His dad offers Jez an ultimatum; either stay at Britannia High, leaving home and losing all connection with his father, or enrol on an economics course. Jez apologises to his dad, and says that he can't be who his dad wants him to be. His dad asks 'what about me?' and Jez replies that he's still his son. Jez stand to leave, telling his father that he has to live his own life and leaves.

Jez is playing piano in a student's space when the Britannia High group (including Ronnie) enter. Ronnie stands next to him and says that she liked him better poor anyway. He smiles and agrees with her. Even Claudine offers some moral support to him, assuring him that he'll be okay. BB tries to lighten the mood and raise Jez's spirits by bringing up the Ballet VS Street debate the two frequently have. Danny joins in and jokes about Jez being too rigid for street dance. Jez stands up and moves over to BB, then does a street dance move and lightly slaps BB's face. The whole group laugh and Jez does a short street dance, saying that you've just got to feel it. He and BB have a little battle, with Jez jokingly impersonating him. The play around happily and BB hugs Jez at the end of the episode.  

Episode 4: Fame

Jez dances in Lola's song Overnight Sensation. He's confused about Lola's drastic change in appearance and doesn't seem impressed by the news that she's going to a celebrity party. He laughs at her when she walks into the pillar.

He jokes about her skipping a dance lesson saying that she might be having lunch with Victoria Beckham, but when Stefan announces that they'll have to entirely change the dance and will have to spend hours practising he quickly loses the enjoyment he found in her situation.

He sings and dances in the song Get Over Yourself.

He watches Lola audition to regain her place at Britannia High and immediately welcomes her back once he is accepted. The two dance together during the song Picking Up The Pieces and share a hug.

Episode 5: Go Your Own Way

Jez watches the gang in the red-shirts, led by Ace, dancing with BB. He confronts BB when BB accepts a street dance battle on behalf of the whole group, showing that he doesn't know anything about street dance and is sure they'll lose. He surprises the group by saying that he can crump, but when they're impressed by him knowing about street dance he admits that he got the information from Google.

He correct Lola when she turns the wrong way to look at Julius, and criticises Claudine's flirting with him along with Lauren and Lola. He explains to Danny that Claudine doesn't find anything Julius said funny, she's just marking her territory so that other girls stay away from him.

In a practice room he tries to play his well-known choice game with BB, but BB says he's busy practising. Jez then points out that Julius coming to the Open Mic Night is scaring him. The two talk a little bit about Julius, and Jez helps BB with his song by suggesting that he change a small section.

He dances with Lauren in BB's song, Confessions. Unknowing that BB has left with his brother's gang Jez asks the group where he is, as BB was supposed to be teaching them how to street dance. That night, Lola attempts to help him get a boyfriend after she finds that the boy she was flirting with, Jonas, is actually interested in him as opposed to her. Jez is confused by Lola when she tells him both to look and not look at Jonas, when he looks over someone else has stood in front of Jonas and Lola thinks she's talking about him. He's then even more confused as to why Lola is trying to get them to meet. He says that he isn't interested and says the boy's a minger. He leaves with Lauren and soon texts BB asking if he's okay.

The next day he's sat with BB, Ronnie and Lola, he comments that BB looks bad and asks if he's okay. He tries again to play his choice game but gets interrupted by BB asking if he can stay with him. He agrees and asks BB what happened. He refers to BB as 'bro' to which BB gets annoyed, then apologises and refers to BB as 'man' to which BB gets even more annoyed. Confused, he watches BB snap at Lola and storm away from them. He tells BB to wait and stands to follow him, but Jonas approaches him.

Jonas throws a drink all over Jez, and Jez has no idea why as he has never seen Jonas before. He asks what he did and when Jonas tells him, Jez tries to explain that he was talking about someone else but this just lowers Jonas' opinion of him. Jonas calls him vile and leaves, irritated, Jez also leaves.

After they find out about the shooting Julius was involved in the group have a theory lesson. Jez is shocked because he never expected that would happen to him. Claudine points out that it didn't happen to him and he corrects himself to say someone he knows. Jez is the first to notice that BB has entered the classroom and immediately asks him how his brother is.

Later Jez attempts to talk to BB who is playing basketball alone. He tries to play the choice game but again is cut off by BB who angrily tells him that he isn't in the mood. Jez apologises but BB throws the ball at him and threatens to punch him. Jez tells BB to calm down and BB pushes him against a piece of gym equipment. Jez apologises again, and suggests that BB should go home. He's silent as BB shouts at him, then apologises again. He says that he doesn't really know what he should say and BB tells him not to say anything, then leaves.

We next see Jez doing a vocal warm up in class, repeating the phrase 'remember the money'. Danny tells him that he's worried about BB, so Jez gets out of the lesson and runs to BB's flat to see him. He bangs on the door and shouts for BB, only to find when that BB is on the way out with Julius' friends when the door opens. Jez brings up the choice game again, this time saying that the choices are the honourable thing or the right thing. BB says he doesn't need to hear it but Jez insists that he does. Jez follows BB to the lift trying to convince him not to go, and discovers just before BB enters the lift that he intends to kill the man who killed Julius.

Jez sings in the song Fight Song, chasing him through a fantasy sequence and trying to convince him not to go with Julius' friends.

When the lift opens at ground floor Jez is there waiting for it after having rand down to meet BB at the bottom. He doesn't say anything as BB walks past him but follows him until he can see the car Julius' friends are in. He gives up and looks away, leaning against a wall sadly. He then hears BB say his name and turns to see BB there, realising he didn't go Jez walks up to BB and the two share a hug.

He and BB go into BB's flat. BB complains about the mess and Jez tells him not to worry about it, and cleans up for him. He asks what made BB change his mind. He then tells BB that his brother really was proud of him the night he saw BB play at the Open Mic Night. Later, he begins to leave the flat and asks BB to text him if he needs anything. However he stops when BB comments that family isn't worth anything if they walk out in the end, he asks BB if he's referring to him leaving. BB doesn't answer so Jez goes on speaking, he uses BB's own words from episode one, telling him to look up, then leaves.

The next day he visits BB's flat with the others, all of them dressed up as the people from BB's area. Jez claims that they are BB's crew now and all of them decide to take part in the street dance battle from the beginning of the episode. He dances with all of the students and Ace's gang at the end of the episode.

Episode 6: Miss Independent

Jez and BB are watching Lauren and Claudine dance and act, he claps for Lauren and laughs at Claudine. The scene changes to Jez pinning a cast list for Snow White on a bulletin board. Claudine approaches him to ask why he cast her as the Wicked Queen and not as Snow White, he doesn't know how to answer her and just says that they went in a different direction. She asks what that means and he says that nobody would believe her as Snow White, then he hands her her script and highlights that she's the Wicked Queen.

He hands out scripts to the rest of the students gathered in the room. He announces that it is directed and written by 'a really talented guy', himself.

He is surprised by Lola's claimed ghost sighting and immediately comes up with several explanations for what she saw, he laughs with Claudine and BB when Claudine screams to stop Lola from rambling. He seems concerned when Lola and Claudine say that Lauren and Danny are having problems.

When we next see him he's in the Students' Den checking how the production for Snow White is going. He asks Lola how she's been doing. When BB asks her why she hasn't done anything he points out that he's the director, then asks the exact same question that BB did. He unintentionally bursts out laughing at Claudine when she says she spoke to a caretaker but quickly controls himself and apologises to her. When she announces that they're all going to go ghost hunting he sarcastically remarks that he and BB have a vampire hunting class so they'll be too busy to go. He teases Danny about what a good boyfriends he is once he finds out about his and Lauren's plans for their anniversary. He puts on a fake voice to get Danny into ghost hunting with them.

While he does find Lola believing in her curse funny, he does also say that it's sad because she would genuinely believe that she is cursed for the rest of her life. He comes up with a plan to make Ronnie into the ghost for Lola to catch.

He dances with Lola in Claudine's song You've Got Nothing On Me.

Jez leads the ghost-hunting, explaining to them what common signs of ghosts are while leaning closely on Lola. He pretends to feel something supernatural, and prompts BB to pretend the same in an attempt to fool Lola. He jumps when Danny plays the piano in the otherwise quiet room. When they moe on to another area he again pretends to feel that the temperature has changed, this time Lola agrees that she also feels it. He asks Edna (the ghost) to show herself, and feigns shock when Ronnie rolls past on a skateboard.

He sings backing vocals and dances in the song Wake The Dead.

After they've chased Edna all over the school the group stop running and Jez encourages Lola just to ask Edna to show herself. She asks quietly and he claims that she's dead so she wouldn't be able to hear that, so he shouts it. When Ronnie still doesn't appear he assumes that Ronnie didn't hear him and tries to get the others to shout with him. When only he and Lola shout for Edna he asks Danny why he didn't join in to which Danny says it's stupid. Lola leaves to go find Edna. Jez and BB share a concerned look and chase after her, afraid that she might find Ronnie. He leaves Lola and BB saying that he's going to the toilet, when he's actually going to look for Ronnie. He and BB gesture to each other and he heads out on his own.

He finds Ronnie locked in a store room. He hugs her and jokes that she nearly became a real urban legend, he checks if she's ready for the final part of their plan. He gets her to fix her wig, commenting that she looks terrible as they go to finish the prank.

He uses the radio system to project his voice through the school, putting on a fake voice and pretending to be Edna. He laughs to himself, then announces that the next impression he does is for BB. He repeats Lola's name several times, trying to hide his laughter so that Lola doesn't notice that it's him and not a ghost.

He, BB and Ronnie rejoin Lola in the Student' Den. He explains to her that she isn't cursed and that curses only work because people believe in them. He then compliments her, saying that she is gorgeous and that she'll easily find love. Lauren and Danny join them and ask if they know where Claudine is, Jez jokes that Edna might have got her and shines his torch on Ronnie. To show Lola how ridiculous her belief in Edna is he makes up a story about a teacher in his old school spontaneously combusting, being left with just a hand that was still holding a piece of chalk.

He tells Claudine to take a night off from being cruel when she criticises Lola for being an idiot. He also tries to gently push BB away from her when she criticises him over Julius(BB's brother who died), but BB bats him away and argues back with Claudine. When Claudine leaves he asks what happened to her and why she acted like that. He goes with the rest of the group to try to find her, carrying Ronnie on his back.

Episode 7: Don't Stand Too Close To Me

When BB comments that Lola being chosen to compete in a dance competition is 'sick', Jez points out that it's meant in an idiomatic way, then wraps his arm around Lola and says that one of her nicest qualities is that nothing goes to her head. He meant this to imply that's she's stupid but naturally Lola doesn't notice and takes it as a compliment and thanks him. He and BB are then called by Anna into her office.

When Anna asks him about his after-school plans he feigns coyness, commenting that he didn't know she cared. He quickly accepts her compliment of the radio show, and hits BB with his tie when BB asks when they'll eat if they're doing a lunch time slot. Sarcastically claiming that nothing gets in the way of BB's ambition. He salutes Anna and he and BB agree to record the first lunch-slot radio show that evening. Stefan asks BB about his 'fish Tango', and both Jez and BB have a confused exchange as they think Stefan was talking about the drinks Brand, not a type of dance.

In the Students' Den he observes that Lola spends a lot of time writing in her diary, and that she might not be as shallow as they think she is. He laughs falsely when BB suggests that Danny's next love interest will be him.

He dances with Lola is the dance class portions of her song Body To Body, and with an unnamed girl in Lola's day-dreamed sections of the song. He also sings the first verse and in the choruses. At the end when Lola accidentally asks him is he 'likes that' when she was supposed to think it, he looks at her confusedly and leaves with the rest of the students without asking her about it.

He protests when BB suggests that they should take Lola's diary and use the information on their radio show. He looks worriedly after BB who leaves him standing alone in the corridor. Later he an dBB are on their way to record the radio show and are stopped by Lauren. They apologise for not having time for her but when Jez complains that BB getting food will waste time she stops them and decides to become their assistant.

He knows that BB is planning something he should't be, and tries to stop him from going into the girls' toilets. Embarrassed, he hesitates outside to door to check that no one can see him before he follows BB into the toilets. He's against BB reading Lola's diary and tells him that if they read it out on air she'll know what they did, calling BB stupid. He's irritated with BB, but when BB tells him about Lola and Stefan he moves away from the door and sits next to BB who is reading the diary. They hear Lola coming towards the toilets and run into one of the stalls, Jez managing to lock them in just in time.

He pulls BB down from looking over the stall door, and looks over himself, claiming that he should be the one to look because he's gay. He takes the diary out of BB's hands and leaves the stall, hoping to get the diary back into Lola's bag while she's facing the wall showering. However they hear voices approaching and dart back into the stall, Jez managing to closes the door only after the girls have already entered, but luckily before they get caught in the girls' toilets. He complains to BB for dragging him into the situation, irritatedly saying that he left his sense of fun in his jacket. He looks over the top of the stall again and sees that Lola is beginning to preen herself, and notes that they'll be stuck in the stall together for hours.

He pushes the diary away several times when BB tries to get him to read sections, and at one point pushes BBs head away from resting on his shoulder. However BB shows him something that catches his interest and he decides to also read Lola's diary despite being against it earlier. Eventually he looks over the stall again to see Lola, fully dressed and made-up, taking her bag and leaving the toilets. Panicked, Jez tells BB that she's taken the bag. They manage to sneak out of the toilets without the girl showering noticing that they were there.

After the event Jez is still panicked and comes up with a plan to get Lola's diary back, when BB says that the others will be shocked to find out about Lola and Stefan's relationship Jez exclaims that they can't tell anybody what they read. He stops walking and asks if they've forgotten something but BB grabs his arm and drags him to carry on walking.

Jez is next seen at the student house where Lauren, Lola, Claudine and Danny live, sharing extracts of Lola's diary with the others. When they hear the door open Jez quickly hides the diary under a table cloth and covers the lump it made with his arms. He apologises to Lauren when he realises they forgot about her, and hands her Lola's diary to read. He manages to get the diary back into Lola's bag after BB says he saw a rat, making Lola distracted.

The next day they see Lola sit with Stefan and Jez comments that the plot has thickened. He tells the group that they need to keep what they read a secret, but Danny ignores him and tells Ronnie so that he can ask her to get some information for them. Jez shakes his head at her and encourages her to say no, but she does it anyway. When talking to Stefan she claims that Jez is her boyfriend.

During the radio show he pushes a mic towards Lauren, asking her what surprised her most when she joined the school. After school he's with the group in town when they see Lola and Stefan in a coffee shop and they all hide behind a wall to spy on them.

He agree with BB who says that now Lola and Stefan are together Claudine and Danny aren't the hottest couple, saying that she shot up the hierarchy of the school. He says that Danny is cute, but when Danny thanks him for the compliment he add an 'ish' to the end to stop it being complimentary. He, Lauren and BB all hi-five each other, saying 'go Lola'.

He's the first to say he supports their relationship, commenting that Stefan is gorgeous. When Claudine quotes from Lola's diary he looks at BB, annoyed that Claudine just revealed to Lola that they'd read her diary. He admits that it was him and BB who read it. He laughs at her when she says 'exhibition' instead of 'inquisition' and when she says' Judge Judy and executioner' instead of 'judge, jury and executioner'. He tries correcting her but she cuts him off and tells him not to. As Lola leaves the room she turns to the group and tells them that Jez isn't gay because he's dating Ronnie, she was told this by Stefan. They all turn to him and, confused as to why she said that, confirms that he is gay.

The next day at school Lola is sitting with Stefan and Jez says that he feels awful about what they did. When Ronnie tells them that Stefan and Lola aren't together Jez tells her that they are, because Lola had already told them. BB leaves Jez and Ronnie alone, and she explains to him why Lola thought he was her boyfriend.

He dances in Lola's song Obsession.

In a theory lesson Jez is stood at the front of the class. Stefan says that a dancer's strength comes from their abs and presses his hands on Jez's abdomen, joking that Jez will get abs any day soon. When Lola announces that she's leaving he asks her if she seriously means it this time. He laughs at Claudine's comment about Lola's diary being magic and playfully slaps BB's hand after he asks if he could write about himself and pop singer Rihanna.

Jez sings the song What Good I Love with Lauren, despite the video being about the relationship between Lola and Stefan.

Episode 8: With A Little Help From My Friends

Jez, BB and Danny are changing in the toilets when Danny invites them to a dinner party, however he uses the formal term and none of the boys understand what it means. Jez asks Danny what it is to which he has no answer. When Lauren tells the group what it is he sarcastically comments that seating is unfashionable, then asks the group to imagine dinner cooked by Danny and Claudine.

He, Lauren, BB and Lola are later standing outside a chip shop eating before they go to Danny and Claudine's dinner party when Ronnie stops in front of them on her tandem cycle. They all hide their food behind their backs but Ronnie admits that she also ate so they laugh and carry on.

At the party both Jez and BB are surprised when Danny says 'thang', Lola says it was 'gross-alicious' and Jez says that she said just what he was thinking. When talking to Ronnie he abbreviates the term 'also known as' which confuses her. When Lola explains that it's a gun tourists use he corrects her as she meant to say terrorists. He pretends to laugh at Claudine, then quickly deadpans. The next time he's seen his is walking home, Ronnie stops alongside him. He agrees to ride on Ronnie's tandem cycle with her, admitting that he's never ridden one before. He and Ronnie ride together, whooping excitedly. She says he's a good singer and he agrees, he also then agrees to give her a singing lesson when they stop at some traffic lights.

The next day when the group are recording Jez shows them that he's shaking. When they are all discussing who out of them will be the most famous he ends the conversation by saying that they'll all be huge.

He dances and sings background vocals in the song So High.

He's concerned for Lauren when she feints. He winks at Ronnie earning the stares of the others at the table, before going back to listening to Claudine talk about Lauren. He acts dramatically, claiming that Lauren must be addicted to drugs because she took two Paracetamol. BB laughs at him as he plays up, acting as if they need to start acting like junkies themselves.

Later in the day he's in a practice room playing the intro to Mercy by Duffy for Ronnie to sing to. She interrupts him, and he prompts her to sing again. After the second time she interrupts him BB enters the room and asks what they're doing. He tells him that he's giving Ronnie a singing lesson. He watches, confused, as Ronnie turns away from them and starts wiggling her bum. He's stunned by Ronnie's awful singing voice, but halfway through the song she stops singing to cry. He puts an arm around her to comfort her and she says that the emotion of the song always makes her cry because she's so sensitive. He looks over at BB, concerned because he doesn't want to upset her by telling her that she's bad.

The scene changes to the Students' Den where Jez and BB have relayed the story to Danny. He says that he 'kind've' told her. The scene flashes back to the practice room where Jez and Ronnie are sat on the piano stool together. She sincerely tells him that she's always wanted to be special, then asks him if she is. Not wanting to hurt her feeling he says that she is more than special, and says she's unique. The scene changes back to the Students' Den and Jez says that he did tell her. He hesitates then adds an 'ish' the the end of his sentence.

He sings his song Wake Up for his audition for the End Of Year Show.

When stood in the dinner queue he admits that he didn't really tell Ronnie that she couldn't sing. He doesn't get a chance to tell Lola what he really told Ronnie, because Ronnie says hello to them. She refers to Jez as her biggest fan and gives him extra chips. The group stare at him, knowing that she can't sing, and he smiles uncomfortably at them before getting out of the line, not saying anything. At the table he says that it's hard to tell her. He says that he doesn't understand why it's his responsibility, then admits that he does understand, he just hates being in that position. He throws a chip at Lola who thought that he meant a physical position. He then says that he'll tell her but doesn't say how long it will take him to do so, Danny looks at him and he says that he'll tell her soon.

He crowds the bulletin board to see if he got a part in the end of year show, and he hand BB hi-ten when they see that both of them got a part. In the canteen Mr Nugent announces that there will be more auditions for the End of Year Show, Ronnie looks over at him from across the room, smiling and putting both thumbs up. He does the same in response, not knowing what else to do.

Later all three boys are in the toilets and Danny is asking them what it means when an ex and a current partner start spending lots of time together. Jez looks at BB, smiles, and decides to scare Danny by pretending that his situation is like a Hollywood revenge movie. He suggests that Lauren is played by Lindsay Lohan and Claudine by Katie Holmes, then jokes and says Danny is 'the fat one from Gavin and Stacey', and that the girls are plotting his downfall. Danny looks concerned and asks if he's joking, Jez insists that he isn't and says that Danny's days are numbered before leaving the toilets with BB.

After leaving he decides that he needs to tell Ronnie the truth. BB says they should go to find her but Jez pulls out his phone and says he'll text her. He tries calling her but doesn't know that that that second she's getting on stage to audition in front of Mr Nugent, Anna and and unnamed member of staff. Lola calls them over to look through the door, and Jez watches sadly as she gets humiliated on the stage.]

He chases after her and when he catches up with her he lies again, saying that people only laughed at her because they didn't expect a dinner lady to sing. Jez finds out that he and Ronnie had met before, because they both auditioned to get into Britannia High on the same day. He decides to be honest and finally tell Ronnie the truth, but Ronnie had already found out that she can't sing by the reactions of the students watching her. She cuts him off and leaves.

Later on Jez is speaking to Anna and asks her where Ronnie is, Anna says that Ronnie had quit and gone to Grimsby. Anna doesn't know why but Jez says it's because she's from there, and runs to try to stop her leaving before she catches the train.

He sings the song Weight Of The World, the song shows him running through London to the train station. He thinks he was too late and that she'd gone by the time he got the the station and walks away, not realising that his view was blocked and that she was still there.

In the showers with BB and Danny, he finds out that Danny fancies Lauren. He tells Danny that he shouldn't have told them it was him, and should have just said it was a friend of his. He says that BB's advice is outrageous, as BB said that Danny should be with both girls.

We see him applying make-up and getting ready for the End of Year Show with the other boys. He leaves the room and sees Ronnie in the corridor. He's surprised that she came back and hugs her, then they run off for him to get ready for the show. At his locker Ronnie kisses him, he reminds her that he's gay but she kisses him again.

At the end of the episode he's doing last-minute rehearsals with the rest of the class.

Episode 9: Finale

He sings and dances in the song Start of Something. Backstage after the song he says it was 'total fantabulosity' to Lola, who gets exited with him speaking in the same way she usually does. In the dressing room with the other boys he's surprised to find out that Danny has both Lauren and Claudine wanting to date him.

He sings and dances in Lola's song Body to Body.

He sings background vocals and dances in Changing Man. He goes to a clothes rack only to find that he gets pulled behind it by Danny. He jokes about Danny's current situation, saying 'don't tell me I'm the one you've always wanted' before assuring Danny that he can keep a secret. He quotes Shakespeare to Danny, telling him to pick the one he likes most, not just the one he thinks looks best. He prompts Danny to say which one he likes best and is shocked and amused when Danny says that they both make him feel horny. He prompts him again, saying that he must care about one of them more than the other. He tries to be reassuring when Danny says that they're going to kill him, but then agrees with Danny that they will before rushing back out to get ready for the next song.

Walking to the side of stage with BB, he asks BB what he'll be doing when the school year ends. BB says that he's going travelling and asks Jez if he wants to go with him, and Jez agrees saying that there's nothing keeping them in Britain. Ronnie sprays hairspray at him and he stops her, telling her to stop fussing over him.

He dances and sings background vocals in Best Of Me.

In the boys' dressing-room Jez and BB are dressing for the next performance, Jez brings up their travel plans, saying that the last time he went travelling he was with his dad. He pauses, looks in the mirror, and then says that he isn't bringing the topic to his dad. He then rushes out to go on stage, with BB hugging him just before he leaves.

He's alone on stage, performing his song Proud. This version of the song is accompanied by piano only, making it different than the way it was played in episode three and how it appears on the official Soundtrack. Halfway through the song his dad arrives to watch him play.

Back in the dressing-room BB congratulates him and the two hug. Jez hears someone greet him and turns to see his dad. He turns around away from him and carries on getting ready for the next song. He says that he's fine when asked, and is confused when his dad asks him to come back and live with him again. He points out that his dad hates that Jez goes to Britannia High ans is doing performing arts instead of economics and rudely brushes off his dad's comments about the house feeling too big and being cold. He says that he didn't spend much time in the house anyway. He goes silent when his dad says that he's proud of him and doesn't know what to say. He and his dad shake hands uncomfortably, then they hug before Jez has to run on-stage to perform.

He sings his song Wake Up, and dances at the front.

On the way to the stage he tells BB that he has some bad news, and is surprised when BB already guessed that he would be able to go travelling with him. He apologises for it. Before the last song the whole group gather at the side of stage and Jez asks that if they could do the whole year over again if they'd do anything differently. It's a unanimous 'no' and they all go onto stage together.

He sings and dances in the song Without You, and toward the end he pulls Ronnie out on stage to stand next to him.

He bows twice, and the final credits roll.