Lola has had dreams of becoming a superstar since she was little. In Britannia High, she is a amazing dancer and has a crush on the dance teacher, Stefan. In episode one, Lola is introduced as not very bright and a brilliant dancer. At first she is friends more with Claudine, but then is very friendly to Lauren. In episode two, she is a big fan of Girls Aloud and writes all the comments to them when they visit. She recordes all of their answers. In episode three she says that Claudine can't get Danny in three steps, and is right, as Claudine fails. In the next episode, the episode focused on her, she is visited by reporter Lizzie Porter, who makes her dreams reality when she publishes the story of her night with Matt Willis. However, when Lola decides to leave Britannia High she rings Lizzie but she doesn't know who she is. Lola asks Mr Nugent, the principal, if she can return, but he says not if she fails an audition. Ronnie convinces Lauren and Claudine to help her and she returns to Britannia High. In episode six, Lola thinks she has saw the ghost of Britannia High and goes at night to hunt her down with the others. At this point, she realizes Ronnie is the ghost and falls out with Jez and BB, who have set the trap on them. SHe conforts Claudine, who she hears crying and thinks is the ghost. In episode seven, another episode focused on her, she admits to her diary that she is wildly in love with Stefan, the dance teacher. Lola and Stefan spends time together, but the others find out by looking at the diary. Stefan decides to leave Britannia High because she would have left for him. Lola rushes to catch him, only just sucseeding. In leaves for Australia. In episode nine, the Finale, Lola is shocked that Stefan arrives for Australia, and asks if she would come away with him to Australia. She says yes and leaves Britannia High.