Watch This Space - Lyrics Edit


Oooh , Ohh,

There is no shortcut to a dream,

but I am not afraid i'll take it all the way,

I'm gonna give more than in takes,

Work harder than the rest

'Till i'm the very best


Oooh ,

You think you got it all figured out

You think you so damn cool

what's that all about?

Well i've got time just watch this space yeah you just wait

Hold up the mirror you should see yourself,

You think your so much better than everyone else,

But i've got time just watch this space you just wait


There's something deep inside my heart

Burns with a thousand fires

so relentless my desires

I see my future shine so bright

beyond the finish line,

I'm gonna make it mine

Claudine and Lauren;

Oooh ,

you think you've got it all figured out

You think your so damn special what's that all about?

But i've got time just Watch this Space

and you just wait

Hold up the mirror you should see yourself

you think that you won't stumble like everybody else

but i've got time just watch this space

Lauren; You bring your best

Claudine; I'll be one step ahead

Lauren; Your tears will fall

Claudine; You'll be falling instead , Oooh you just wait

Lauren; I'm not afraid

Claudine; And i'm not backing down

Lauren; Show of your life

Claudine; And it's coming around ooh you just wait


Contexts of Watch This Space Edit

In Episode 1 , Lauren isn't the most talented student she can't Dance very well and no one them have seen her acting skills but during the Singing Lessson , She and arch-rival Claudine Cameron get into a vocal battle.

Sung By Edit

Watch This Space is the second song in Episode 1 , Let's Dance! It is sung By Georgina Hagen and Saphirre Elia who play Lauren Waters and Claudine Cameron. It also feautures some cameo vocal apperances by Rana Roy who plays Lola Jonze

Music Video Edit

The Music Video is a vocal battle , white versus black. Lauren wearing a white dress in a black backround and Claudine wearing a black dress in a white backround with Lola and backup dancers in the middle wearing both of the nutrile colours. It also feautes the enemies Fencing and Playing Ping Pong as being rivals. It also shows Claudine to wanting to be absorbed by the fame and Lauren just wants to get on with it.